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If you are an addictions counselor, I encourage you to try this technique with your clients. However, please remember, we are using it for the purpose of uncovering underlying emotional conflicts. This technique needs to be used within a larger context of recovery when dealing with addictions.

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This cycle can go on for years before an appropriate intervention is considered. Addicts start using their substance as a way to fit in, to try something unusual or exciting, and most importantly, to tranquilize their anxieties, frustrations or other emotions. Even when the client has contacted you as a practitioner for smoking cessation or weight loss, you are often seen as a threat, especially when there are so many success stories on the websites about how tapping helps people lose weight and quit smoking!


I love using the Refusal Tapping Technique for weight loss and smoking issues. People are often telling others what to eat and drink, how to quit smoking, why they should eat less, eat more, why they should stop smoking etc. Allow yourself or your clients to make a decision to rebel! I have had clients tell me a range of challenges such as 1 dealing with withdrawal symptoms, 2 not knowing what to do with their hands, 3 fearing they would lose their identity if they quit, 4 extreme depression, 5 intense anxiety, and 6 an inability to concentrate.

Reminding smokers that the surgeon general thinks smoking is bad for your health is utterly useless. Remember, addicts are trying to tranquilize their feelings, and the thought of being unable to soothe themselves with a cigarette throughout the day is very threatening.

3 Techniques with Two-Hand Tapping - Heavy Metal Guitar

I have used EFT for clients with internet addictions, dependencies on drugs and alcohol, sun bathing, picking their skin, chewing their nails etc. What feelings are you or your clients trying to quiet?

These feelings will need to be addressed for addiction treatment to be successful, however, try the Refusal Tapping Technique as another way to uncover emotional conflicts that are keeping the cycles alive. We all get sick from time to time and we all wear down our immune systems through holding onto emotional conflicts. Whether you have experienced grief, abuse, terror, loneliness, hurt, fear or anxiety, EFT is an elegant tool to help relieve your body-mind-spirit of the conflict and tension.

There are terrible vicious cycles set up for pain patients. Freed up, this energy could help the entire system heal faster, regardless of the diagnosis. Since I am not a medical doctor, I make it clear that I am treating the emotional issues associated with the pain or illness. What if you gave yourself permission to just be with the pain and appreciate your body anyway, rather than always trying to get rid of it? Remember that pain clients have often tried many interventions only to be left disheartened and discouraged when nothing has worked. My passion is helping people attract personal and professional success into their lives.

Most of us have some ambivalence, or resistance to being as successful as we say we want to be, or else we would be able to easily open the door and allow the Law of Attraction to bring our desires to our doorstep.

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I have found the Refusal Tapping Technique quite powerful when talking about the topic of success and abundance. As with the other topics in this series, allowing the client to refuse to do something triggers feelings and conflicts that need to be addressed and collapsed in order for the client to progress. I always ask my clients why they want to be more successful, as it is important to uncover their motivation for professional success or financial wealth. This is often where the conflicts and reasons for sabotage are hidden.

One client wanted to be more financially successful to get the approval of his father. His father appeared unwilling to approve of him under any circumstances, so this was a slippery setup for him. Of course some of these statements sound ridiculous, which is often the reason the client starts looking into their limiting beliefs and resistance to becoming more successful.

Sometimes a client will tap on these statements and realize they are indeed just rebelling against a parent or teacher figure in their life, and see how trapped they have been by a need to rebel. Many clients assume that to make more money, they will need to work harder. This is what I call a limiting belief as it is not the truth, just an assumption or belief about what is going to happen.

Uncovering and collapsing limiting beliefs with EFT is the cornerstone of my work these days, and I have seen amazing transformations in myself and my clients. Again, many of these statements will seem utterly absurd to the person, and will allow other limiting beliefs to surface.

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Once they enter conscious awareness, then they can be targeted with EFT. Many clients also believe that being more successful will make them stand out , and have some negative consequences.

While they may have experiences of being hurt in the past for standing out, EFT is the perfect tool to collapse this fear, and thereby get them on the path to attracting abundance if indeed that is what they want. The worthiness issue that I raised in these last few sentences is critical to success and abundance.

The Process of Tapping Therapy

After this sequence, many feelings are loosened up and the client is often ready to move to new issues or release this dependence on seeing themselves as unworthy or undeserving. Remember, we are often quite attached to our identities, no matter how damaging they are. I hope you enjoy trying out this technique with yourself and your clients. You are sure to get a few good laughs, and emotional and energetic shifts will follow. The guide wire is almost universally used for most insertion techniques; however, its use is not without complication and potentially prolongs surgical procedures. To evaluate the safety of percutaneous MIS guide wire-less pedicle screw placement in the thoracic and lumbar spine at a single institution over a 3-year experience.

Forty-one patients who underwent posterior instrumentation with transpedicular MIS thoracic and lumbar screws by a single surgeon from to were analyzed. The mean age was 63 years at the time of surgery. Pedicle screws were inserted with the use of a guide wire-free technique in which anatomy-specific entry sites and fluoroscopic landmarks were used to guide the surgeon. A square, sharp-tipped pedicle screw was carefully advanced under biplanar fluoroscopic image anteroposterior and lateral down the pedicle into the body.

No tapping or any type of electromonitoring was performed. The number of the screws inserted at each level was as follows: total, ; thoracic, 30; and lumbar, All screws were evaluated by computed tomography to assess screw position. Seven screws 6. There were no neurological, vascular, or visceral complications with up to 3 years of follow-up. The percutaneous MIS guide wire-less technique of lumbar and thoracic pedicle screw placement performed using a biplanar fluoroscopic guidance in a stepwise, consistent manner is an accurate, safe, and reproducible method of insertion to treat a variety of spinal disorders.

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