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Plus, who has got the time to review all the options and then pick only one. The trouble is that if It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It also supports . these features. No wonder it's among the best cell phone spy software.

Put it all together and Avira Mobile Security is a versatile suite which uses multiple layers to protect you from web-based and other dangers. Go grab a copy immediately.

Is Someone Spying on Your Phone?

Lookout is an unusually complete security app which shields your iDevice with four layers of in-depth protection. Powerful security tools check for common security vulnerabilities missing updates, a jailbroken device , monitor running apps for suspect activity, and raise an alert if you connect to a dangerous Wi-Fi network. An effective set of anti-theft technologies include various device location tools, an alarm that works even if your device is on silent, and the ability to display a custom message on the lock screen to help you get the device back. McAfee Mobile Security won't exactly surprise you with its functionality.


Anti-theft, contacts backup, secure local storage for your media files: it's all very familiar. But don't let that put you off — the app is more interesting than you might think. The Media Vault hides your photos and videos, for instance. That's not unusual, but you can also snap photos or videos directly from the app, and have them automatically encrypted and stored in the vault. The anti-theft features take a similarly thorough approach. Yes, there are the standard options to track your device on a map, or activate a remote alarm which sounds even in silent mode.

But the bundled CaptureCam feature can email you with a snapshot of anyone trying to get into your vault. You're able to initiate an alarm from your Apple Watch for easier location. The app can even save your device location when the battery is low, giving you a better chance of tracking it down.

Part 1: Top 7 Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

Bonus features include automatic contacts backup, remote wiping of contacts if your device is stolen, and a battery indicator which allows checking your iPhone battery level on your Apple Watch. McAfee Mobile Security may not have the most imaginative of feature sets, then, but there's a lot here, especially for a free app from a big-name vendor. If you don't have some of these functions already, it's well worth a closer look. Your iOS devices may not need antivirus software in the traditional sense, but there are plenty of other threats out there online, and Trend Micro Mobile Security tries to combat them all.

Built-in web filtering works with Safari and other browsers to prevent you accessing malicious or unwanted websites. Integrated ad and tracker-blocking maintains your privacy while cutting data usage and speeding up website load times. A Social Network Privacy feature scans your Facebook and Twitter account settings and reports on any potential privacy concerns. Trend Micro's Safe Surfing is a secure browser which supports its own private surfing mode, giving you extra reassurance that your history isn't being recorded.

Trend Micro Mobile Security does allow for testing all its premium features via a time-limited trial, though, and even if you don't sign up, the app has a couple of useful free features. The Device Access Status module checks your system to ensure it's configured properly, and a Secure QR Code Scanner provides a safer way to open mystery links. This starts with simple web filtering which blocks access to dangerous sites, reducing the chance that you'll run into any malware. And that's important — even if a malicious file can't infect your iPhone, there could be problems if you share that file with anybody else, or perhaps email it to yourself for use on a PC.

A simple Banking Protection feature sees F-Secure check each website you visit to confirm it's on the 'trusted' list for banking or shopping online. Note: Email apps often contain settings that let you choose how often new emails are pushed to your phone and how you'll be notified when a new email arrives. Your phone uses data when you do things like browse the web, stream music, play videos and send emails on the go.

Different apps and activities will use varying amounts of data. If you have an unlimited data plan , you don't have to worry about monitoring your data usage and keeping it within a monthly limit.

Otherwise, you can monitor your data usage on the My Usage page and set usage alerts in My Verizon, and on your device with the My Verizon app. HD Voice provides natural-sounding audio and video calling that's as simple as making a call. You can use your 4G LTE data connection while on a phone call and make a conference call with up to six people.

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Bluetooth is a wireless networking technology that lets you connect your phone to other wireless devices, such as headsets, speakers, headphones, fitness bands and even other phones. To pair with a Bluetooth device:. Note: Common manufacturer-set PINs are and Typically, once a Bluetooth accessory has been paired with your phone, it can be used with the phone anytime without needing to pair them again.

With proper care, and by adjusting a few settings on your phone, you can easily prolong your battery's life and extend time between charges. To maximize battery life:. Need more help with your new smartphone? There are additional online support resources and tools:. Apple and iPhone and are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Transfer your content We've made moving your prized pictures, videos, contacts and more, easier than ever with Verizon's Content Transfer app.

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Download the Verizon Content Transfer app to your old phone. Download apps What can you do with your new smartphone?

Top 10 Things to Do with Your New Apple® iPhone® 7 / iPhone 7 Plus

Understand and pay your bill Your First Bill When you activate a new line of service on a new or existing account, your first bill for that line will be for a partial month or portion of the monthly access charge. Auto Pay Sign up for Auto Pay and never worry about making a late payment. Online in My Verizon Go to the Set up auto pay page. Choose a payment option, schedule your payment date and tap Continue.

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  8. In the My Verizon app Open the My Verizon app and tap the 3-line navigation menu in the top, left of your screen. Tap Bill. Tap Setup Autopay and follow the onscreen instructions. Understand and change your plan Details about Your Plan Find your plan name, and your data, voice and messages allowance online and with the My Verizon app. Add a line, manage your plan, run account analysis and more. My Verizon app Open the menu in the top, left corner. Tap Account.

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    Tap My Plan. Change Your Plan Allowance Add more data, increase your voice and messaging allowance. If you have the new Verizon Plan, you can change your plan size with the My Verizon app. Open the menu and tap Account. Tap Explore sizes. Below the plan size you want, tap Continue. Select when you want the plan change to kick in. Review the details and tap Confirm. If you're on an older plan, you can change it online with your mobile browser or computer. Tap or click the Select button for the option to change your current plan.

    Choose the amount of data allowance you want.

    Navigation menu

    Tap or click Continue to the Next Step Note: You may have the option to choose when you want the changes to take effect. Review your changes and click Confirm.

    Protect your privacy and phone Take steps to keep your phone safe and secure. Prevent unauthorized use of your phone by setting up lock screen security. You can choose to require a fingerprint, PIN, password or pattern in order to unlock your phone. Avoid a damaged phone and cracked screen by adding a case and screen protector. Get device protection in case your phone is lost, stolen, damaged or becomes defective. We recommend Verizon Protect , our most comprehensive protection service for your device. Always know who's calling you with the Call Filter app. See the name, city, state and picture of incoming calls.

    You'll be alerted if it's likely a robocaller, spammer or potential fraud. You can even report problem numbers directly in the app. Understand data usage Your phone uses data when you do things like browse the web, stream music, play videos and send emails on the go. Turn on settings that alert you to switch to Wi-Fi if attempting data heavy activities. To pair with a Bluetooth device: From the Home screen, tap Settings.