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Plus, who has got the time to review all the options and then pick only one. The trouble is that if It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It also supports . these features. No wonder it's among the best cell phone spy software.

Get Mobile Spy App. They say that this is a breach of their private space, and should not be done in any circumstances.

how to Spy someone without touching the victim phone or installing spying app on phone

However, tracking people sometimes becomes a little too important to ignore. After installing the program on my phone to test, the phone would have visible notifications, battery life, problems, and worse. Then — at least from my experience, when you try to get a refund, POOF!

The site has disappeared. Because at the time it was so damn expensive.

Spy text messages easily with FoneTracker

This would have definitely created big suspicions if you were trying to be discreet about spying. I was given the option to keep make the icon visible, OR hidden. This really sets it apart from other spy apps out there. FlexiSPY has made this so damn easy.

The Best SMS Tracker App | My Definitive Review

You just left click on the flashing icon, then press the confirm button, and within an hour, the software will be compatible and up to date. Your data will still be there, nothing gone, and everything will be running smoothly. So then, you have to wait… and wait..

How to Spy on Text Messages?

But then, you still have to get the phone in your hand, you still have to uninstall, you still have to re-install, and oh yeah, your logs are gone. FlexiSPY is currently the only spy phone software that can update without having to access the target phone again, this is probably my main reason for so whole-heartedly backing it. Spying on a Cell Phone is Easier Than You Think — It is surprisingly very easy to spy on cell phone text messages without having the phone in your possession or without installing any software to the target phone. There are many spy apps on the internet that claim to have the ability to do this however, only a few actually work.

One of the biggest reasons for spying on someones texts is suspected lying and infidelity. Are You Being Cheated on? You may be right in suspecting such things if the person of interest does any of these things with their cell phone;. Stay Informed — Paying attention to trends and changes in someones behavior is a smart thing to do.


These things should not be ignored. If you are being cheated on, you have a right to know. If your children are getting involved in bad things you must act responsibly. The Effects of Infidelity — There are many. Too many to mention.

If you have experienced infidelity, you no doubt know that they are all bad. The feeling of betrayal. The lack of answers.

Mobile Spy Review

The feeling of wondering why. There is a tendency to blame yourself. This is not about you, it is about them! They decided to cheat. They have the issues. Not you! The best thing to do is get the answers you need and move on as quickly as possible. Recommended — No access. No possession needed.

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Works on all Android and iPhones. For those needing to spy on a cell phone without having the phone in your possession, Auto Forward Spy is for you! Auto Forward allows you to remotely access any cell phone using their OTA over-the-air link. You simply download, activate and login. After you log into your secure account you can begin seeing information from the monitored phone immediately.